Slavica Squire, the founder of the first NLP institute and the first Coaching Academy in Serbia, acquired her year-long experience from leading world experts in coaching and NLP. Now, she decided to share her knowledge with you through several books.

Her work will, in a simple and understandable way, introduce you to the methods you can use to build the best possible version of yourself.

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Prelomni trenutak - Dr John F. Demartini

This book will help you to break through the barriers that prevent you from living a life to the fullest...

Najbolja osveta od svih je sreća

This time, Slavica Squire helps you free from anger and experience happiness…

NLP u svakom uspehu mirođija:

Kako da kreirate svoj uspeh

With this book, Slavica Squire reveals simple and practical methods you can use to build your success…

- Coming Soon -

Knjiga o zahvalnosti

Coming out on the spring 2019

Knjiga o veri

Coming out on the spring 2019

Knjiga o ljubavi

Coming out on the spring 2019


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