Power Life Design by Slavica Squire

Beograd | novembar 28 - novembar 29, 2020


O programu

Many people want more from life and dream about personal and financial freedom, but everyday reality gets in their way, and they live overwhelmed, in stress and fear.
They are made for so much more than this and life goes by quickly.
Seeking to encourage and teach you how to save years of your life, based on the knowledge she has gained over the past 20 years and the experience of working with more than 5,000 clients, Slavica Squire has created the unique Power Life Design training.

Power Life Design by Slavica Squire

In this training you will receive concrete steps, tools and support, learn how it is possible to turn your life around faster and easier, create clear goals and a workable action plan to improve your life, step by step, for the whole of 2021.

Zašto bi trebalo da se odlučite za ovaj program:

Power Life Design has already helped many people to turn what they once dreamed of into achievable goals. That is why the takeaways of many participants is: “I wish I knew for this before…“ . That is also why they decide to attend it every year; to ensure that they will work for their success for two whole days and discover new ways to achieve what they have imagined for themselves.
Do not lose another year of your precious life and delay your happiness for a tomorrow that never comes.

Take your life into your own hands, and apply the scientific methodology, proven in practice, to help you do that. Support yourself in the steps that are necessary to have life you deserve and want.

Beograd | novembar 28-novembar 29, 2020

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