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Belgrade | mart 03 - mart 04, 2018


O programu

If you are ready to take the next step in private life as well as business, join us for the phenomenal NLP Starter training at which you will learn how to apply noble NLP techniques in order to achieve unbelievable results in everything you do.

Through studying excellence, Neuro-Liguistic Programming (NLP) has developed into a fantastic method which helps successful people become even more successful in what they do. NLP explains in a simple and comprehensible way how people think, what they feel, how they express themselves and how they behave to achieve top results. Once you get to understand all the aspects of NLP and when you learn how to apply them effectively, individually and in organizations, you will be able to understand better not only how your mind works, but also the minds of people you get in touch with.

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Why you should choose this training:
Regardless of the size of the company or industry you work in, today’s business environment is competitive. NLP Starter training with Slavica Squire will introduce you to all the advantages of NLP and its applications in business in a highly professional manner. Use this amazing opportunity to experience this phenomenal method personally and to learn how to apply it to achieve unbelievable business success.


Slavica will teach you how to apply all the powerful NLP processes easily, how to achieve the goals you set for yourself more efficiently, and how to improve your communication skills.

Belgrade | mart 03-mart 04, 2018

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