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Beograd | mart 31 - april 01, 2018



O programu

Have you always desired to be the one who will disseminate knowledge and positive energy to other people and help them become the best versions of themselves? Then Coaching Starter is the right training for you!

Slavica will teach you the basics of coaching, as well as the differences between coaching methods, consulting and therapy. After Coaching Starter you will have a whole set of tools and techniques which you will be able to apply in all areas of your life.

Zašto bi trebalo da se odlučite za ovaj program:

Newly acquired coaching skills will upgrade the work that you do and your relationships with different types of people you meet every day. In addition to growing your career you have meticulously built so far, you will also become a professional coach and get the opportunity to help other people reach their goals. During this training you will also learn the true definition of coaching and discover how valuable this skill is in everyday life. Upon completing the training you will have collected enough knowledge and experience to decide whether coaching is the right thing for you.

The skills you will acquire will definitely improve your relationships with other people, whether your family and friends, colleagues at work, employees or clients.

Beograd | mart 31-april 01, 2018

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