Power Business Design

Beograd | jun 22 - jun 24, 2018


O programu

Slavica Squire, the first NLP trainer in Serbia and a successful entrepreneur, designed a unique education called Power Business Design based on all the lessons she successfully applied in practice as an entrepreneur, and especially the ones she learned from Tony Robbins at Business Mastery 1 and Business Mastery 2 trainings, in order to facilitate development of all those who want to reaffirm their leaders’ position and their businesses, their development and development of the new skills. This means that this education is designed for successful entrepreneurs, directors, managers and the ones aspiring to become ones.

Power Business Design

Zašto bi trebalo da se odlučite za ovaj program:

You will be presented the “7 Forces of Business Mastery” designed to help companies and brands such as yours, to prevent failure and secure success by constant innovations and development of additional benefits for your clients. This is an opportunity for you as entrepreneurs to learn how to change your psychology, grow your business and increase profit to a higher level.


Attendees of this training have the opportunity to experience personal coaching, which as such is not offered at all, since Slavica personally works with trainees during the course of this training. In the course of three days Slavica Squire will help you understand critical factors which can influence your business immediately, focus properly and realign with business strategies and the psychology you need to compete successfully and innovate in our economy.

This incredibly useful program is the essence of the ten-day training of Tony Robbins which Slavica Squire attended first in Palm Beach, and then in Amsterdam too, into which she invested somewhat over 45,000 euros. All the lessons she learned she applied to her business and got a practical experience, which gave fantastic results. She designed this practical program of business education so that after this training you can immediately implement all the secrets of the grand masters.

Beograd | jun 22-jun 24, 2018

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