Presentation Skills

Beograd | jun 02 - jun 03, 2018


O programu

Presentation Skills is Slavica Squire’s authorized training which will teach you how to become the real master of presentation who will delight the audience by every presentation, whether you are on a stage or in a meeting.

Presentation Skills

You will no longer have to fear the unknown since with Slavica Squire during this training you will learn how to reach out of you comfort zone and speak in front of the people you don’t know as confidently as you speak in front of the people close to you.

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Slavica Squire will clearly present four skills critical for outstanding presentation: she will explain that it is a phenomenal physical skill, that managing the scene actually means managing the state, that you can reach the excellence by the appropriate modeling, and she will finally present the key points you have to know in order to be an effective speaker. After this training you may be sure that you will be ready to inspire and fascinate any audience you speak in front of.

The success of your presentation depends only on you!

Beograd | jun 02-jun 03, 2018

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