Slavica Squire

The first NLP trainer in Serbia, the founder of the NLP Institute and the first Coaching Academy, not only in Serbia, but in the entire Western Balkans.

She had successfully worked in sales in Germany and that is when she had her first encounter with the world-famous methodology for personal and professional growth – Neurolinguistic programing (NLP) and it had become her ‘love at first sight’. With the help of NLP she had achieved extraordinary results in sales and very quickly had gotten the leading position in the company.

Since this methodology was unknown in Serbia until then, because of her great love for her country and NLP, she decides, at the time, to do the unthinkable: to quit her job on the leading position and to bring this extraordinary methodology to Serbia.

With the first professional NLP trainings in Serbian language for top managers she has begun in 2004.

She has founded the first NLP Institute in Serbia in 2006, and in 2008 the first Coaching Academy.

On her institute in Belgrade she offers professional NLP education, of top quality and ethics, after which you get internationally recognized certificates.

  • She has invested more than 2.000 hours of training and more than 135 000 euros in her personal education
  • She was a trainee at the best trainings all over the world – from Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, through Italy, Hungary, Norway, America and Bali.
  • In January and June 2007 she has successfully finished the ten-day-long training with the famous Tony Robbins (Business Mastery 1, West Palm Beach, SAD and Business Mastery 2, Amsterdam, Holland)
  • She has also had the chance to learn from top experts like Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts, whose assistant she was for 15 days on a complete certified Generative Coaching program in Brazil.

After dozens of specializations all over the world with the most recognized NLP experts at the best NLP and Coaching Institutes, she has been certified as the International NLP Master Trainer, licensed as an educator for coaching and the vice-president of the European Coaching Association – ECA.

She has been successfully teaching neuro linguistic programing for years and transferring her knowledge and experience to companies and individuals, which contributes to making their businesses more efficient, adds quality to the communication and makes the lifestyle in Serbia more advanced.

Slavica has a unique way of teaching where she uses examples from practice, metaphors, humor and questions, so the process of learning with her represents a sophisticated experience that overflows to all areas of life. She has been working with the world’s most famous names in this domain and she is always welcome as a guest lecturer on NLP and Coaching Institutes around the world. She is the author of a few different programs (Power Life Design, Power Love Design, Inner Game) as well as the effective communicational trainings.

Her inspirational and motivational articles and columns on the subject of how to become happy and successful by using the knowledge from the science of success in the combination with the art of fulfilled living, that she extraordinarily combines in everything she does, makes her style of teaching authentic and different. With that extraordinary combination she has provoked a huge interest in many people that have achieved amazing results in many areas while working with her. The best confirmation of the success rate of her specific programs, whether it’s NLP or Coaching or one of her author programs, are her extremely satisfied and successful clients and besides that her personal career and a phenomenal lifestyle and especially the fact that she is still willing to learn and constantly perfect herself professionally.

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